Our Mission

To know Jesus Christ; exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.  To complete His Great Commission by introducing people to Jesus and helping them experience all that God has for them, helping them grow into the Christ followers God desires them to be. 

Our Vision

To empower our people to be agents for change, in that we enable and equip them to carry the name and the message of Jesus wherever they go.  We recognize that we are merely the messengers, God brings about the true change.


To train and send people from our church to go out to the rest of the world proclaiming the message of hope, carrying truth to those who need to hear it.


To faithfully support the people and ministries who go to the world with that message through whatever means necessary.  Encouraging and faithfully lifting them up in prayer.


To reach those around us, making a lasting impact in their lives.  We do not want to be just a building on a corner, but a group of people who make positive impressions on the people in our own neighborhoods as we reach out to them.


To make a difference wherever we are as people of hope and love, because that is what our Lord would want us to do.