Acevedo Family acevedo

Oswal and Rita Acevedo are serving the Lord along with their two daughters, Jael and Sara Daniela, with Word of Life in Belize. Oswal serves as the coordinator of the ministry, with the goals of growing their staff and reaching as many youth for Christ as possible. In time, they desire to have their own property that can be used for camps, training leaders, conferences, evangelistic activities, etc. Word of Life Belize has seven Bible Clubs throughout the year and a three week camp season for kids and teens. 


ajinAjin Family

Rony and Corin Ajin are serving as full-time missionaries with Word of life in Guatemala. They have the responsibility of discipling and training leaders of the seven Bible Clubs in the southern region of Guatemala. Rony and Corin also serve through evangelism with sports marathons, camps, medical trips and drama performances for kids and teens. Rony also teaches in the Ministerial Training Center on the Word of Life Campus.



Alvarez Family alvarez-d

Duglas and Becky have been full-time missionaries with Word of Life Guatemala since 2003, and now serve along with their daughter, Ana Sophia. Their areas of ministry include kids and teens camp, the Discipleship Training Center, medical trips, sports marathons, and maintaining the camp property throughout the year. Duglas and Becky passionately desire to serve, and have the goal to start a new ministry to children in a small village of low resources.



alvarez-jAlvarez Family 

Jonathan and Gloria ministered in Guatemala until the Lord called them to the Dominican Republic in 2015. They are now full-time missionaries with Word of Life (WOL) in the Dominican Republic and serve in the areas of Bible Clubs, summer camps, discipleship and leadership training. Jonathan is in charge of overseeing the maintenance and construction of the WOL camp property, and Gloria is the head cook. Their goals are to help fully equip other leaders for ministry, as well as make disciples of the youth in the Dominican Republic. They also desire to build a fully equipped property that brings glory to God, and is a blessing to local churches. 


Willson Arriagaarriaga

Since 1999 Willson has been a part of the ministry in Word of Life Guatemala. He studied in the Discipleship Training Center at Word of Life, and then became part of the team as a full-time missionary. Willson loves to serve the Lord using the talents God has given him. His areas of ministry include working with college students in local churches, Bible Clubs, and dramas such as Born Again for teens, and the children’s show. He works on the camp property, particularly in the auditorium with media, helping maintain the property, and assisting with construction. Willson also oversees the ministry of the students in the Discipleship Training Center to evaluate and supervise that they fulfill their ministry requirements in the churches where they serve. 


de-la-rosaDe la Rosa Family

Daniel and Karin De La Rosa have been full-time missionaries with Word of Life (WOL) Guatemala since 2008. Daniel and Karin serve with the couples’ ministry, and have the responsibility of overseeing the Bible Club ministry. Daniel is also in charge of maintenance and the new buildings in the camp property. They desire to have two conferences per year for couples, and open four new Bible Clubs each year. The De La Rosa family also serves fervently in the summer camps of WOL Guatemala.



Diez Familydiez

Marcelo and Gaby Diez have been missionaries with Word of Life for 28 years, and in the Dominican Republic since February, 2014. Marcelo is the director of the ministry in the Dominican Republic, rebuilding the ministry through Bible Clubs, camps, a Bible Institute program, and outreach activities. There are currently 46 Bible Clubs with Word of Life in the Dominican. Their ministry goals are to build up the team of missionaries, re-establish relationships with local churches, provide a great program for the youth with evangelism and discipleship, and continue the building of a new camp property, creating a beautiful place to reach many people with the gospel.





embersonEmberson Family

Dwayne and Rhonda Emberson joined the Wycliffe Bible Translators ministry in 1996. Dwayne is a computer programmer and serves with computer technical support and software development. He is currently a software development manager at the Wycliffe Headquarters in North Carolina, USA. The Embersons are hoping to go oversees in the future, if the Lord guides them, where Dwayne would be doing PC repair and training, networking, email support, Bible translation software support, and other technology needs. The focus of their ministry is Bible translation so churches can do ministry, teach, preach, and plant more churches.


Naomi Embersonnaomi-emberson

Called into missions at age 15, Naomi Emberson is a teacher for missionary kids overseas through Wycliffe. As a missionary kid herself, she understands the troubles these kids face, and God has shown her how He has uniquely equipped her to reach these kids in a way others could not. She has taught in Cameroon as a third and fourth grade teacher and is currently assigned to Faith Academy in Davao, Philippines.






escobarEscobar Family

Edwar and Glenda Escobar have been serving with Word of Life (WOL) in Guatemala as a married couple since 2013. Edwar has been with WOL since 2000, and Glenda since 2011. Their ministry with WOL involves the responsibility of five Bible Clubs, counseling, discipling, and training leaders. Edwar also has the privilege to preach in the general services of these churches. He also serves in the Discipleship Training Center as a professor and in the area of sports. During the week Edwar and Glenda help in the maintenance of the property so the students will have a beautiful place to learn and listen to the Word of God. During the camp season they also serve with the program area, in charge of making and directing the games and sports. 


Freeman Familyfreeman

Joe and Amy Freeman are serving Christ in Niger, Africa through SIM and mission aviation. They serve along with their three children, Claire, Benjamin and Oliver. Supporting the ministries of the SIM missionaries, Joe is a missionary pilot and mechanic while Amy is in language school and serving in the local church.







fuentesFuentes Family

Oscar and Monica Fuentes have been serving with Word of Life (WOL) in Guatemala since 2009. Since 2013 Oscar has been the co-director of WOL Guatemala, along with Jose Martinez. They desire to serve with excellence in the ministry and for the glory of God, reaching young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As co-director, Oscar wishes to grow the ministry of Bible clubs and their relationships with the local churches and pastors. They plan to extend their outreach ministry and have more students in the Discipleship Training Center every year, preparing others to better serve Christ. 


Harwell Familyharwell

Chad and Ashley Harwell have been full-time Word of Life missionaries serving in North Carolina since June 2010. After working in youth and children’s ministry for over eight years, the Lord called them to help local churches develop vibrant youth and children’s ministries. Their passion is to reach today’s youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training, and to ultimately see revival in America that effects the entire world!





hunneycutHuneycutt Family

In Cleveland, Ohio, Paul and Lorrie Huneycutt are missionaries with Envision: Initiative of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA). Paul is a site coordinator for the C&MA, helping mobilize people to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth. The Huneycutts desire to raise up the next generation for Kingdom change and community development that will lead lost people to Christ.



Martinez Familymartinez

Jose and Marcela Martinez have dedicated their lives to the Lord since 1989, serving as full-time missionaries with Word of Life (WOL). Since 2013, Jose has been the co-director of WOL Guatemala with Oscar Fuentes. They have the responsibility of the care and ministry of each of the WOL missionaries in Guatemala. Jose is also responsible of overseeing and organizing the outreach and education activities intended to reach more youth with the Gospel. Their goal is to reach young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow through teaching, training, and discipleship. 


nifongKara Nifong

Kara is a missionary with the Word of Life (WOL) organization, serving at the WOL Bible Institute in Argentina. After graduating from the Bible Institute in 2016, the Lord called her to help mobilize American and English speaking students in ministry through the Bilingual Bible Program (PBB). As students take on the challenge of learning God’s word, a new language, and culture, Kara’s desire is to invest in the Lord’s work in their lives so they may be able to serve where the Lord calls them. She is also involved in a local church on the weekends through evangelism, discipleship, and Bible club, with the vision for youth to know Christ and make Christ known.




Nael Ramirezramirez

Nael faithfully serves the Lord in Belize through the Word of Life (WOL) ministry. After studying God’s word in the Bible Institute in Guatemala in 2011, Nael has been a missionary with WOL, seeking to see lives transformed by the Gospel. He serves with the local church ministry and Bible Clubs, training leaders, and leading Bible studies. He also works with the children’s activities, discipleship training, and evangelistic activities. Nael’s vision is to work together with the local church, training young people to reach communities and places where the gospel is not heard every day. 


poplinPoplin Family

Rod and Tina Poplin have been missionaries with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) since 2004, and have been on the field in George, South Africa since 2009. They are part of a church-planting team; and Rod’s duties include preaching, teaching, youth, and outreach ministries. They passionately serve in this growing ministry with the vision of reaching more and more people for Christ. 



Back to Jerusalem

Faith Church supports the act of Bible distribution through the Back to Jerusalem ministry. Back to Jerusalem is the effort of the Chinese church to spread the gospel to the unreached people groups from eastern China, westwards towards Jerusalem. Many Chinese believers have suffered persecution in order to follow God’s call. This organization partners with the church of China, as well as training and sending Chinese missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission around the globe, including Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations. 


Redeemer City to City

Faith Church also partners with City to City ministry and their efforts in India to help leaders build gospel movements and a gospel-centered global church.